Bepanthen - Scar-Gel (20g)

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Bepanthen Scar Gel - For a visible difference!

Bepanthen Scar Gel is used to treat fresh scars after wound closure and to treat older scars (up to 2 years) after an injury, burn or surgery.
Scar-free wound healing is only possible in case of superficial injuries. If only the epidermis is damaged, as in superficial scratches or abrasions, the skin can regenerate completely. However, many bleeding injuries or surgeries also affect deeper skin layers. In such cases, the damaged tissues must be replaced, creating a scar.

This scar tissue differs from healthy skin by the absence of sebaceous and sweat glands, hair follicles and pigment cells. In addition, scar tissue is significantly less elastic than healthy skin and cannot retain enough moisture.

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