Dr. Wolz - Thromboflow

Dr. Wolz - Thromboflow

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Thromboflow for normal platelet aggregation and healthy blood flow

Thromboflow Dr. Wolz contains a specific complex (WSTC) which contains more than 30 compounds of secondary plant compounds from the tomato, which are obtained in a patented, gentle extraction process. This complex can be distinguished from lycopene, the red tomato dye, which has completely different properties.

The active ingredient in Thomboflow keeps the platelets in a normal state so that they can circulate well through the blood vessels*, reducing the possibility of platelets clumping together*. Thromboflow® does not intervene where blood coagulation is necessary, i.e. in the event of injury. Thromboflow Dr. Wolz is therefore a preparation based on an active complex of secondary plant substances, which contributes directly to the cause and thus to a healthy blood flow.

One stick (5g) or one capsule (150mg) is enough for one day. The effect starts approximately 1-1.5 hours after ingestion. If Thromboflow is taken daily, the suppleness of the platelets is maintained for 24 hours.

* The water-soluble tomato concentrate WSTC I or II contained in Thromboflow promotes normal platelet aggregation and contributes to healthy blood flow.

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