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Often it's not so much the content of the glass that counts, but the look that determines the enjoyment of drinking. Regardless of whether you want to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks such as sparkling water, smoothies, milkshakes or soft drinks from the glass: A stylish drinking straw increases the drinking fun enormously. Of course, the same applies to the alcohol-containing cocktail or long drink in the late evening. And the children also appreciate it very much when they can sip their fruit juice spritzer or malt beer "like the big ones" with a drinking straw. The only question is: what about the environment? When you order straws from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you don't have to worry about sustainability and environmental friendliness. We think of nature.

Buy straws without plastic in our shop

The drinking straws from our range are not made of plastic, but of borosilicate glass, which has been made by hand. It is very stable and can be cleaned and reused as often as you like (a cleaning brush is included in the package, but the straws are also dishwasher safe). Incidentally, all straws are subjected to strict quality controls by the manufacturer before they leave the factory. Our drinking straws are suitable for use in private households as well as in professional catering. Each set contains four - depending on your request and order - straight or curved blades with a diameter of 23 millimeters. Straight straws have a length of 20 centimeters, the curved ones are three centimeters longer. This makes the drinks a real experience, no matter what is in the glass.