EMSER nasal douche + 4 bags of nasal rinsing salt
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EMSER nasal douche + 4 bags of nasal rinsing salt

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Buy EMSER nasal douche + 4 bags of nasal rinsing salt

Rinsing your nose - as important as brushing your teeth. Just as you brush your teeth every day, you should also rinse your nose once or twice a day in times of increased risk of infection or stress: for nose care, to prevent colds, as quick help with allergies or simply to relieve your nose from daily stress to free.

Nasal rinsing for a cold

  • As soon as the nose tingles and a runny nose becomes noticeable, nasal rinsing can often prevent the cold from spreading.
  • Because natural Emser salt supports the nasal mucous membrane in its self-cleaning function and has an active expectorant effect. So colds and Co. have little chance.
  • If it does get you, nasal rinses quickly free the nose in a gentle way and support the healing process.

Nasal irrigation is particularly recommended here

  • Prevention of colds
  • acute colds (runny nose)
  • Chronic nasal and sinus infections
  • Pollen and house dust allergy
  • dry nose
  • Heavy dust and dirt pollution
  • Tendency to snore due to catarrhal conditions
  • Accelerates the healing process after endonasal operations


  • Unfold the nasal attachment horizontally. Then fill the nasal douche with lukewarm water up to the mark (250 ml)
  • The amount of salt contained in a sachet results in an isotonic solution for one filling of the Emser Nasanita nasal douche (250 ml water). This is the only way to ensure precise dosing and thus safe and pleasant use
  • Pour in Emser salt, close the lid and dissolve the salt by swirling. Close the lid valve with your index finger and then fold the nasal attachment up as far as it will go, place the nasal attachment on one nostril and lift your index finger. The liquid flows into one nostril, rinses the nose and runs out through the other nostril.

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