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The coldest cryotherapy treatment for home use. EndWarts FREEZE is the first self-treatment home remedy that contains nitrous oxide (N2O, also known as laughing gas), a very low-temperature gas. The Ultra Freeze Technology™ freezes the wart at -80 degrees Celsius, penetrating deeply into it.
EndWarts FREEZE freezes at a very low temperature (-80°C), maintained throughout the entire application. EndWarts FREEZE is by far the coldest cryotherapy treatment for use at home. This has been demonstrated in an in vitro temperature test*, comparing several cryotherapy products for self-treatment at home.

Effective wart treatment

EndWarts FREEZE is an innovative product that is quick and easy to use. The treatment is suitable for adults and children over 4 years.
With a much colder gas (-80°C) compared to other cryotherapy products available on the market (-57°C), EndWarts FREEZE penetrates deeply into the wart. Only such an extremely low temperature can reach the root of the wart to kill the infected cells.
The unique design of EndWarts FREEZE allows the best possible freezing until the wart disappears.
EndWarts FREEZE is very efficient - the wart core is reached and destroyed just a few seconds after application. A skin detachment is natural/normal as the body slowly rejects the wart.


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