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We may not be aware of this often enough, but olfactory influences have a major impact on our well-being. It is in the nature of things that we notice unpleasant smells much more quickly - they simply disturb us while we are working, reading the newspaper or watching a movie. We notice the smell of other people in a packed bus in the summer, but we actually don't even notice ourselves through our noses. The approach of Aroma Therapy is to come back exactly there, to sensitize our nose and our sense of smell so that we can smell ourselves again. If you buy aroma therapy articles from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will receive the most wonderful fragrances made from essential oils.

Order essential oils for restlessness and sharpen your sense of smell

The essential oils in our products are obtained through plant pressing, extraction or distillation using steam. These oils trigger mechanisms in us humans - mostly unconsciously. These can be emotional, psychological or purely physical. Because these reflexes can of course also be positive, this is exactly what aroma therapy works with. This therapy is part of naturopathy and considers the human organism as a whole, which is brought back into balance through the influence of positive smells - produced by essential oils. The scents created from the oil not only ensure well-being, but also activate or strengthen the body's self-healing powers. In our range you will find a wide selection of sprays, pillows, aroma misters, aroma lamps, oils and fragrance woods.