Filabé - Skin Clear Adult (28 pcs)
  • Filabé - Skin Clear Adult (28 pcs)
  • Filabé - Skin Clear Adult (28 pcs)

Filabé - Skin Clear Adult (28 pcs)

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You are already over 22, your skin is of the oily, greasy type and you also have pimples or blackheads? Then this product will help you get rid of the oily shine and pimples and blackheads.
Important: If you don't have oily skin, we recommend using Filabé Irritated Skin.

What you can achieve

The skin sebum regulating effect of niacinamide and astragalus soothes your skin lastingly, clarifies the complexion and reduces the development of new impurities, OM24 reduces irritations quickly and lastingly at the same time. The skin looks better faster! Your skin is gently cleansed every day, regains its defensive powers and healthy radiance and thus regains its balance. Effectiveness confirmed.

This is the process

The cycle of skin renewal in adults lasts from about 28 days and slows down the older the skin is. Filabé supports this process and after a few days you will notice initial improvements, but there may also be short-term setbacks. A lasting and profound improvement usually occurs after the completion of a complete skin renewal cycle.

This is how it works!

Every evening before going to bed

  • You wet a cloth with water so that it is damp but not dripping wet.
  • Now massage your face with the fluffy side for about 40 seconds. This is cleansing, peeling and active ingredient supply in one. Do not use any other care products afterwards.
  • You can dispose of the cloth after use. Or better: Send it back to us for recycling. The wipes are then reused outside cosmetics.

Separate removal of make-up and cleaning before Filabé is not necessary and can even strain the skin, because conventional cleaning is chemical (with oils or soaps). Filabé, on the other hand, removes make-up mechanically (via the cloth), is therefore gentler on the skin and does everything in just one care step - removing make-up, cleansing, peeling and care with highly concentrated, natural active ingredients.

Also ideal for men.

Filabé is skin care reduced to the essentials: fast, simple & highly effective - also works with a 3-day beard. The skin is cleansed daily deep into the pores and unpleasant bacteria are removed from the skin and beard. The gentle peeling also prevents beard hair from growing in and skin irritation.


  • Allow cloths to dry and collect after use.
  • Place in the return bag provided.
  • Simply return it free of charge.

An intelligent cloth. Packed full of active ingredients. The patented solution from Switzerland.

It all began with a scientist from Switzerland who had already developed decisive innovations for the sun protection of the skin. He was looking for ways to support the skin in its nightly regeneration process. Conventional cosmetics sell ointments, jars and tubes. We at Filabé want to achieve a little more: We want to create the basis for stable and sustainable skin health for our users.

The active ingredients
Superpower from green tea

The natural active ingredient was developed by a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and is based on an innovative extraction process that perfectly highlights the amazing qualities of the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis). OM24(™) develops an extraordinary antioxidant effect, promotes cell protection and has a calming effect.

Extraordinary papilionaceous plant

The extract from the root of this plant (Astragalus Membranaceus) belongs to the 50 most important medicines of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Studies underline the anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect of the extract.

Stem cell technology

Filabé uses innovative stem cell technology to support the vitality of skin stem cells in a completely natural way. Filabé uses stem cell extracts from Argania Spinosa, one of the world's oldest tree varieties, and from Uttwiler Spätlauber, a Swiss apple variety, to transfer the plant mechanisms of cell renewal to the skin.

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