Lactease 9000 FCC Chewable Tablets (40 pcs)
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Lactease 9000 FCC Chewable Tablets (40 pcs)

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Lactose, also called lactose, is a natural component of milk and dairy products. Lactose is chemically a compound of two different sugars: glucose (glucose) and galactose. This is why lactose is referred to as a disaccharide (double sugar). Milk sugar is less rapidly degraded than other food components and therefore reaches deeper intestinal sections. There it is slowly absorbed into the blood and allows a more even energy supply over a certain period of time.


LACTEASE contains the enzyme lactase essential for the digestion of lactose (milk sugar). Finally eating and drinking with ease - the milk drink in between, the pizza with colleagues, the menu in the restaurant. For such cases LACTEASE is a real support. Because if you have a problem with digestion of lactose, you do not have to do without milk and dairy products altogether, because LactaEase with the digestive enzyme lactase improves the digestion of milk sugar.

How does the lactase work?

Lactase in LACTEASE supports the body's ability to digest lactose. Will be close to a dairy-containing food
The food pulp enters the small intestine. There, the lactase comes to its task. It breaks down the milk sugar into its digestible components, the individual sugars glucose and galactose. These basic building blocks are absorbed by the intestinal mucosa and serve as an energy source for the organism. With this mechanism of action, the lactase in LACTEASE can improve the digestion of lactose.

Consumption recommendation for LACTEASE

A LACTEASE tablet for dairy-containing meals. Please note that the need for LAKTEASE depends on the particular food and its lactose content and is also very individual. We recommend that you test the required amount by adjusting the dose. You should also seek advice from a specialist.

Good reasons for LACTEASE

  • LACTEASE means to enjoy.
  • As a chewable tablet, LACTEASE is also a practical companion for on the go.
  • LACTEASE is available in pharmacies and drugstores.
  • LACTEASE can be individually dosed.
  • LACTEASE is free of preservatives, fructose, gluten and gelatin.
  • LACTEASE is available in the following package sizes
  • LACTEASE 4500 FCC * 40 chewable tablets (strawberry flavor)
  • LACTEASE 9000 FCC * 40 chewable tablets (orange flavor)

* FCC = Food Chemical Codex.


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