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You can look forward to a few nice days, maybe the weekend, make plans and find out shortly beforehand: the cold sores are back. Or you bought new boots especially for the hiking holiday, but after the first day you notice the blisters on your feet. Everyone has already experienced that such a nuisance with new shoes, even normal low shoes or jogging shoes, often does not fail to materialize. But that doesn't change the fact that anticipation and enthusiasm suffer from such bad omens. But it cannot be changed, the bubbles or the bubbles are there. Or is there a solution? When you buy Compeed items from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you can prevent the worst.

Order blister plasters from Compeed and don't let the fun spoil

Thanks to an unusual technique - a combination of croscarmellose, sodium, elastomer and polyurethane - the plasters from Compeed bind the liquid in the bladder. This creates an elastic mass that works like a damper, while the elastomer ensures that the plaster adheres well to the skin. As a result, it does not slip, even when you move, so it also holds well in the shoe. Compeed repels dirt and moisture. This creates a microclimate at the injury, not too dry, not too humid, in which the bladder can heal well. Then new skin forms immediately. The blister plasters work on hands and feet just like with cold sores.