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For several years now, mate tea has become a real tip in Switzerland and other European countries - and not just for young people who are in the mood for something new or who are out and about in the nightlife scene. While mate was mocked as a drink for hipsters a few years ago, many skeptics have now noticed that a freshly brewed mate tea from South America is simply a delicious drink that breathes new energy into us. For example after a long day at work, when you want to concentrate on your new favorite book on the sofa in the evening. Or when you go out and want to swing the dance floor. When you buy El Tony Mate at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you will definitely reward yourself with a great refreshment, no matter what you have planned for the day.

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In South America, where mate tea is native, many states naturally proclaim the patent for this drink for themselves. Outside of this continent, mate has only established itself in recent years, with a few exceptions. Mate tea has also been at home in the Canary Islands, Lebanon and Syria for more than a hundred years, as emigrants from these areas who went to South America and returned at some point had the recipe for the drink in their luggage. You can order El Tony Mate in our online shop in two different flavors - once as pure mate and once as mate with ginger. Two great drinks that do not contain any industrial sugar (instead just some organic cane sugar), hardly any calories and neither preservatives nor concentrates. El Tony Mate - simply tasty and refreshing.