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While the Flawa company used to be known almost exclusively for its cotton wool products, the company has expanded its range many times over in recent years. Today Flawa has everything on offer to fill a medicine cabinet or a first aid kit (including the one in the car). The Auto-Apotheke is also available as a set in different versions: as a maxi bag, in the standard version and as a midi or mini bag. But you can not only buy the practical Flawa pharmacies for the car, but also for the backpack, for children and for smaller bags. When you buy Flawa products at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you make sure that you are always taken care of when you are out and about or at home if there are minor accidents.

Products from Flawa for minor emergencies

For example, you can effortlessly fight minor injuries or wounds with the compresses, plasters, gauze bandages and cotton balls that you will find in our range. Cellulose swabs, hemostatic cotton and triangular cloths are just as useful for excursions into nature as the tick card, which is also equipped with a magnifying glass so that you can precisely target the little pests when removing them. Gauze bandages, fresh soles, normal and short-stretch bandages complete the range, and you can also buy bed liners, a rescue blanket, cotton wool and even puerperal bandages from Kanela. The Swiss company Flawa is based in Flawil, about ten kilometers west of St. Gallen. Of course, the products are not only used in accident care, but also in cosmetics and body care.