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The Lubex anti-age product line has been trusted for more than four decades. Everything revolves around applications for healthy skin, which the Swiss company based in Therwil near Basel wants to make possible through the preparations. When you buy products from Lubex anti-age in our Swiss online drugstore, you are also acquiring the know-how from 40 years of experience, coupled with the dermatological expertise of the research department. The development of the products is based on galenic expertise and in collaboration with a number of experienced dermatologists. At Lubex anti-age, research and production of the cosmetics are entirely in the hands of the company. In order to keep your skin young and healthy, Lubex anti-age has launched a whole range of high-quality and effective products over the years. At Kanela's online pharmacy, you have a wide selection to choose from, ranging from creams and pads for the eye area to concentrated vitamins and oil that moisturizes the skin.

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In addition, some products differ in whether ob you can use them during the day or at night. If you are not 100% sure about a particular product, you should click on the photo to get more information about it. What is clear is that you are doing your skin some good with each of these items. Take your time to look around, make your choice - and order your Lubex anti-age product today!