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In many areas of society, almost all barriers have been broken and taboos broken in recent years and decades. In most cases this is fine - even if we would rather not have learned some things. Female sexuality and the female genital area, on the other hand, are still taboo, and this is extremely unfair to women. After all, many men treat their genital areas openly, so this must also apply to women. Order Multi Gyn products from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore - and use them to combat various intimate complaints.

Buy Multi-Gyn products and simply feel good as a woman

If the female genital area is healthy, this increases the quality of life and also contributes to an improved sex life - you simply feel more comfortable and free. Whether it is a burning sensation in the vagina, vaginal discharge, itching or unpleasant odors in the intimate area - with the products from Multi Gyn you can fight these problems quickly and sustainably after the development and can prevent a new outbreak later.

All complaints are dealt with by Multi Gyn products on a bio-active basis. For the sensitive flora of the vagina, this is essential to be able to recover. In the products in our range you will find Floraplus, Actigel, the IntiSkin Spray, effervescent tablets, LiquiGel, wash foam, intimate wipes as well as the CombiPack consisting of effervescent tablet and vaginal shower. All products of this brand are also a helpful support for your daily intimate hygiene or intimate hygiene.