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Tea is one of the oldest drinks known to man. There is little more to the preparation than good water and dried herbs or fruits. With the invention of fire, people were able to prepare tasty and warming tea. Today we sweeten the hot drink by adding honey or sugar, some lovers also add milk, for example. Speaking of tea lovers - everyone, everyone really swears by their own varieties and the perfect method of preparation. Some prefer it fruity and fresh, others rely on the taste of the herbs, and others rely on Far Eastern variants or love spicy teas. When you buy Pukka tea at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, the whole world of this great drink opens up to you.

Order tea from Pukka and enjoy

As a tea fan, you will find a large selection of more than 30 different varieties in our range. In the production process, the makers of Pukka rely on the full power of herbs and fruits, and this is exactly what is reflected in the unique taste of the teas. Because organic products are undoubtedly healthy, Pukka has dedicated itself entirely to the organic trend - and each variety stands for enjoyment. Some are calming, others vitalizing, and all of them together contribute to well-being. At Pukka, the power of nature is used to produce excellent types of tea. For stimulating, balancing, radiant, warming, colorful or golden moments. Let yourself be seduced by the excellent teas from Pukka!