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Personal hygiene is absolutely important and there should be consensus on that. For many years the trends in the use of natural ingredients have been going in this sector. And that's good too - for our skin, but also for our hair. The shampoos from Rausch are particularly valuable due to the power of herbs. 87 different oils and herbal substances from herbs are used to produce the various shampoos. In doing so, the company relies on centuries-old knowledge about herbs, which was already collected by the monks in the Middle Ages. Today, Rausch combines this knowledge with research and science and with the latest manufacturing techniques in order to be able to offer optimal shampoos. You can buy Rauch products at Kanela and thus ensure healthy and supple hair. The focus of Rausch is not just on the hair. No, at this company they know that body care must be holistic. That's why the shampoos are not only good for the hair, but also care for the skin at the same time.

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The Rausch shampoos are so beneficial because the natural substances make them particularly mild and the herbs can develop their positive effects on skin and hair particularly well. Fresh herbs from Switzerland and dried herbs from all over the world are used, a total of more than 50 varieties. The extracts are obtained gently. Order your favorite shampoos right here and now in the Kanela online shop! The Rausch shampoos we sell are the Avocado Shampoo, the Sage Silver Shampoo and the Chamomile Amaranth Building Shampoo.