Moltein Ready2Shake Mango (6x24g)
  • Moltein Ready2Shake Mango (6x24g)
  • Moltein Ready2Shake Mango (6x24g)

Moltein Ready2Shake Mango (6x24g)

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Powder for mixing with 100 - 200 ml of liquid of choice (milk, soy drink, fruit juice, water, etc.)

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High-protein drinking food. Fully to account. Rich in leucine.

Mode of action and medical benefits

High-quality whey protein with a high content of essential amino acids and in particular L-leucine stimulate the myofibrillar protein synthesis rate (muscle building)

Due to increasing anabolic resistance in old age, sufficient protein intake is of enormous importance. This anabolic resistance is caused by a reduced sensitivity of the muscle cells to stimulation by essential amino acids, resulting in a negative protein balance and a resulting decrease in muscle mass and muscle strength (sarcopenia) .2

The daily required amount of protein from older people is well above the recommended daily allowance of younger people.3 This requirement is often not adequately met with normal diet, which leads to protein malnutrition.4,5

L-leucine enrichment can compensate for suboptimal protein levels in muscle protein synthesis.6,7,8,9 Several randomized clinical trials have shown an improvement in muscle mass and muscle function by L-leucine enriched whey protein.10,11,12,13

Moltein was developed based on the latest scientific knowledge to ensure optimal protein supply in old age and disease.

Lactose free. Gluten free. Vegetarian. With whey protein. With sweeteners.


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