Multi-Gyn Actigel (50ml)

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Multi-Gyn Actigel (50ml)

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Natural prophylaxis and therapy of bacterial infections, yeast fungi and non-specific vaginal pr oblems. Multi-Gyn Act iGel has been specially developed for the prevention and treatment of vaginal pr oblems caused by bacteria. It also fights yeast fungi (Candida), bacterial vaginosis and non-specific vaginal pr oblems and also acts quickly against itching and irritation. It improves the vaginal flora and thus also serves to reduce unpleasant odour and discharge.

  • A market leader among prophylactic and therapeutic products against bacterial vaginosis and yeast fungi (Candida) on a 100% natural basis
  • Acts quickly against itching and irritation
  • Prevents unpleasant odour and discharge
  • Improves the vaginal flora
  • Especially recommended to protect the vaginal flora when taking antibiotics
  • No restrictions on use, no interaction with other medications
  • Protects pregnant women from premature birth

Multi-Gyn ActiGel is the ideal product for all intimate pr oblems where normal intimate hygiene is not sufficient, but a prescription of antibiotics, antiseptics or antimycotics would be excessive. When taking antibiotics, on the other hand, it is recommended to protect the vaginal flora in order to prevent fungal infections.


As a bio-active medical product, Multi-Gyn ActiGel naturally blocks the proliferation of unwanted bacteria, optimises the pH of the vaginal environment and at the same time supports the development of beneficial lactic acid bacteria.


Multi-Gyn ActiGel can be used internally and externally. For internal use, an applicator enclosed in the package is used, which is screwed onto the tube. The applicator allows the gel to be conveniently inserted into the vagina, where it can work for an extended period of time. Alternatively, Multi-Gyn ActiGel can be applied to the external intimate area with the fingertips. Multi-Gyn ActiGel can be applied as often as needed. For prophylaxis, an application of approx. 1-2 times per week is recommended, for acute complaints approx. 2 times per day. An overdose is not possible.

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