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Buy pastries at Kanela

If you don't want to bake yourself all the time and still want to nibble from time to time, while at the same time attaching importance to carefree enjoyment without gluten, this is the place for you. In every country, in every region and in every culture people like to have a snack, and very often these are pastries. Sometimes the goodies differ from place to place. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this variety - you will get the finest Schär pastries from us, which are guaranteed to be gluten-free and spoil both salty and sweet mouths. When you buy pastries from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you can look forward to crunchy cookies, fine cakes, crispy savory biscuits, tempting waffles and more.

Order pastries and enjoy them at any time of the day

Pastries have a long tradition, particularly in England and there for tea at 5 p.m. But whether for tea, coffee or just in between: nibble on it whenever you feel like having delicious pastries. Those who like it sweet should be extremely satisfied with the chocolate biscuit variants, the wafer pocket, the vanilla waffles, the soft waffles or the lemon cake. A savory snack is our savory biscuit, which just always fits. For example, as an accompaniment to dessert cheese, with a good glass of wine or in between in the office. Because gluten intolerance is becoming more and more common among the population, we attach great importance to selling only gluten-free products. This also applies to the three types of flour that you can find in the range - in case you would like to bake yourself.