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Order pedometer from Kanela

Anyone who takes 10,000 steps a day is good on foot and, according to research, is doing enough for their own health. Of course, the lofty goal may not be achievable every day - after all, we also have to work, and often there is not enough time. But 10,000 steps are not impossible, only: who is counting his steps? Nobody! And that's why there are modern pedometers. If you order a pedometer, you will be informed of the exact number of steps taken for the day every second.

And you don't have to lug around bulky equipment to do so. With the Omron Walking Style you have a product that is small and easily fits in a handbag or pocket. The built-in sensor technology works three-dimensionally and always delivers the most exact results. Because a five-digit number of steps every day not only keeps the musculoskeletal system fit, but also reduces the risk of other chronic diseases.

Buy a pedometer and consciously live healthier

If you choose the Beurer model, you not only have a reliable pedometer at your side, but you can also use this device to monitor your sleep. The product records the length of your sleep and nocturnal physical activity. The bracelet simply transmits the data to the smartphone.

Incidentally, the fulfillment of your daily step goal also contributes significantly to an improved sleep - so you kill two birds with one stone. Just test which measuring device suits your needs.