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Order salty snacks from Kanela

There is hardly anyone who can say that they are always immune to all tasty temptations. And that certainly applies to nibbling too. If you make yourself comfortable on the couch in the evening, maybe stream an exciting film and enjoy a good glass of wine, then you get the appetite for snacks every now and then. If only there wasn't a bad conscience ... But you don't have to have that with products from Schär, for example. If you order salty snacks from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, we will deliver you tasty as well as tolerable nibbles - because the snacks are free of gluten and do not burden the stomach so much in the evening. And certainly not during the day.

Salty snacks without gluten are very well tolerated

Take a look around in our assortment and then decide on the variety of your choice. It can't hurt to have more salty snacks at home. After all, sometimes you feel like gluten-free breadsticks, for example - just to devote yourself to the crisp rolls later or the next evening. We also have crackers, savory biscuits, salinis and rosemary crackers in our range. All snacks, of course, go well with all imaginable beverages of an alcoholic and non-alcoholic nature and help to refine the TV evening, the terrace evening with friends or the reading evening. The perfect taste and the easily tolerated recipe of the snacks are a wonderful combination of nibbles!