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Buy a self-test from Kanela

Are you someone who doesn't always like to see a doctor quickly, but takes your own health seriously? Do you also have the feeling that you don't want to bother your family doctor about a little thing because he or she has enough to do? Then Veroval has a whole range of good solutions for you, not only if you think you are suffering from certain diseases. When you buy a self-test from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you can be sure that the result is reliable.

A Veroval self-test provides reliable information. For example, if you want to know if there are any signs of amphetamine or drug use, you can use the Veroval drug test to find out. If you have drunk some alcohol and want to know whether you are still allowed to drive, take the Veroval self-test.

Order a self-test and be on the safe side

If you are afraid of having HIV or a thyroid malfunction: You will find the right tests in the online shop. If, on the other hand, your fears are high cholesterol, you can either find out with the Veroval test or with the home test from Prima Home.

Do you suddenly no longer tolerate food made from wheat as well as you are used to? Then simply test yourself for a possible gluten intolerance. Or are you often tired, pale or have a headache? This could be due to a lack of iron - with the Veroval self-test you can find out in no time and don't have to spend unnecessary time in the doctor's waiting room.