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SlimReduce is designed to help reduce weight loss and prevent obesity
SlimReduce has the following properties: 1. microbiota activator; 2. fat blocker; 3. sugar blocker; 4. carbohydrate blocker and calorie reducer; 5. appetite suppressant.
The unique microbiota activator promotes an optimal intestinal flora for slimming; additionally, the fibre complex absorbs a portion of the calories (fats) and carbohydrates consumed and also partially blocks sugar absorption. Due to its high swelling capacity, the fibre complex also increases its volume inside the stomach, making you feel satiated faster. Everything is excreted again in a natural way via bowel evacuation.

This 5-fold slimming feature guarantees a safe and healthy weight loss

  • Activation of the “good slimming intestinal bacteria”: SlimReduce trims your microbiota for weight loss. It helps against stubborn overweight and improves weight loss.
  • Fat blockers stop up to 33% of the food fat intake.
  • The sugar intake is absorbed up to 20%.
  • Up to 75% of carbohydrates can be reduced.
  • Hunger is controlled with increased satiety.

How much weight can I lose with SlimReduce per week?

With less than 10 kg overweight, an average of 1 to 2 kg were lost in the first week and 2 to 4 kg in the following weeks. People with over 10 kg overweight lose weight even faster. Some people who had an excess of over 20 kg lost up to 6 kg in the first week.

What do I have to consider when using it?

Important: SlimReduce was developed for fast weight loss, within 15-30 days. If you lose weight too quickly, you should take a 5-day break after 15 days. SlimReduce is a certified medical product, and as such it is also available in all pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland. Thus, you have the guarantee of a safe and healthy weight loss.
Simply take 3 capsules twice a day before the main meals and lose weight while eating.

Can SlimReduce capsules harm health?

No. On the contrary. Its natural active ingredients solve the problem gently and naturally. There are no side effects, and the capsules are well tolerated. You are also allowed to eat normally. Simply take three SlimReduce capsules with a glass of water before each meal. If you want to lose a few kilos quickly now, order the new SlimReduce right away. It has helped thousands of women and men; why shouldn’t it work for you too?

By on  17 Sep 2019 (SlimReduce 5+1 (180 capsules)) :

Wenig Erfolg, aber immerhin

Ich hatte 7 Kilo Übergewicht (gemessen am BMI). Mit SlimReduce konnte ich in 30 Tagen 2 Kilo abnehmen. Das ist wesentlich weniger als gemäss Beschreibung erhofft, aber die Richtung stimmt.
Positive Auswirkungen:
- Ich hatte erstmals im Leben das Gefühl, nach einer eher kleinen Mahlzeit richtig satt zu sein und überhaupt keinen Hunger mehr zu haben.
- Mein Heisshunger auf Süsses war von einem Tag auf den andern vollkommen verschwunden.
Negative Auswirkungen:
- Mir war oft schlecht, einmal bis zum Erbrechen.
- Das Bedürfnis nach Süssem war nach dem Absetzen von SlimReduce schnell wieder da. Bisher habe ich es aber geschafft, ihm nicht nachzugeben.
Nun ist die Frage, ob ich das etwas tiefere Gewicht langfristig halten kann.

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