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Buy toilet utensils at Kanela

In principle, only two things are important when it comes to the home toilet: It should always be relatively clean and, if possible, smell that way. You can of course also clean the surface of the lid and the ceramic with products from our bathroom cleaner category - but for the toilet itself you of course need the right toilet utensils to ensure cleanliness and freshness. People find hanging solutions very pleasant that give the rinsing water a bluish color and at the same time offer a high level of protection against re-soiling. This also prevents limescale deposits from constantly flushing the toilet. If you buy toilet utensils at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will not only find these hangers, but also many other means to clean the toilet perfectly.

Toilet utensils provide a fresh smell and sparkling clean ceramics

In addition to the above-mentioned hanging cleaners, you can also buy so-called freshness seals (with a lavender, marine or lime smell), which you can use to create a protective film in the toilet bowl. This prevents lime and germs from nestling in the bowl, it also fights microorganisms in the water efficiently and ensures a long-lasting and fresh scent. For these toilet blocks with gel you will also find refill packs in our range to reduce the packaging material. In order to be able to clean the toilet properly with the toilet brush, buy the cleaning agents with the typically curved neck in our online shop, with which you can distribute the agent under the border in the toilet bowl and then clean the toilet with the brush. You can find out details about all products by clicking on the picture.