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Buy anti-virus products from Kanela

Since the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the virus-triggered disease COVID-19 have our earth and our everyday life under control, we have become much more aware that respiratory protection, disinfection, hand washing and much more in our bacterial and viral contaminated world help ourselves and others to stay healthy. Of course, this only works if we all participate and thus help prevent the germs and viruses from spreading ourselves. Ideally, we always have disinfectants and wipes, disinfectant gel and an MNS (mouth and nose protection) with us. Corona has sensitized us and made us realize that disinfection and cleanliness should always be taken seriously. When you buy anti-virus products from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you are actively helping to curb the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading

Of course, disinfection and the like do not replace vaccination. Nevertheless, the measures make sense. In addition to the above-mentioned items for disinfection and masks, our range also includes hand cream, gloves, universal wipes, face covers, clinical thermometers, fine dust masks, soap, disinfectant foam, antiseptic gel, disinfectants for medical devices and instruments, agents for bacteriostatic skin cleaning, washing lotion, dosing pumps and much more. With care and understanding, you too can help prevent COVID-19 and other viral diseases, but also bacterial diseases, from spreading through you. It doesn't take much, just a minimum of humanity and tolerance. Be particularly careful if there are people with previous illnesses in your professional or private environment. And take care of yourself - with the products from our range.