wound disinfection

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Wound disinfection is an important thing. Because even if an injury still looks small and inconspicuous, it is potentially dangerous because contamination of a wound can quickly lead to infection. To initiate the wound healing process, a disinfected wound without germs is an absolute requirement. Sure, there are tiny wounds that practically clean themselves because the blood that escapes - after a cut, for example - flushes out the dirt and germs. Clear water supports this washout. A good immune system also helps with cleaning. However, if you have injured yourself with a dirty object (rust nail, broken glass, etc.), you should buy articles for wound disinfection from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy.

Products for wound disinfection: as a gel, plaster, solution, spray, ointment or tincture

You should also not underestimate a graze and treat it better with a wound disinfection. The reason: abrasions almost never bleed properly, which is why they are often underestimated. And the cleansing effect of the blood is also missing. In addition, the area is often quite large - and dirty with sand, dust and other particles. Sometimes dirt remains in the wound because the removal is too painful. In this case and in many other cases, wound disinfection has no alternative. Because there is a multitude of pathogens on human skin alone, and millions of them in the smallest area. These germs can also get into smaller wounds and form an infection there. Wound disinfection significantly reduces the risk of inflammation or even blood poisoning, which can have serious consequences.