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For more than four decades, the name Burgerstein has stood for micronutrients, vitamins and nutritional supplements of the best quality. Here in the Kanela online shop you can buy a large number of different products from Burgerstein, from coenzymes to iron, from magnesium to vitamins from Minerals To Omega 3 . And that's just a small selection. The best thing is to kick your way through the range and then decide which products are suitable for you. Of course you can also order several articles at once. True to the motto of the founder of Burgerstein, you should take care of your health and not your illness. Dietary supplements and vitamins cannot replace healthy eating, of course, but they can provide excellent support. And your health can also benefit from this. So why not order the great preparations from Burgerstein in our shop?

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Vitamins, trace elements, minerals, Omega 3 - all of these and much more are the building blocks for staying healthy. So why not do it? All products that you can buy in our Burgerstein shop can definitely be ordered without a doctor's prescription. Incidentally, Burgerstein's preparations can be roughly classified according to the categories of dietary supplements or supplementary food, pharmaceuticals and Appenzell medicines. Since its foundation, the family company Burgerstein has stood for quality and health . During this time, the owners have continuously developed and refined the products. All products that you can buy in the Kanela online shop have of course been tested and approved by research. Our bestsellers include the following tablets: Cela , Pregnancy & lactation , Hair & Nails and the < a href = ""> Vitamin 3 liquid .