adhesive cream for dentures

Buy adhesive cream for dentures from Kanela

Anyone who wears permanent dentures is probably familiar with the problem: the denture is not anchored firmly enough, it slips easily and prevents you from being able to bite as hard as you would like to while eating. If you have a rather dry oral mucosa, this is also a disadvantage for the adhesion of the prosthesis, it then slips more easily and that is of course annoying - and not only when eating. And last but not least, uncomfortable situations can arise if the prosthesis is not firmly enough, for example if you have to give speeches or lectures from time to time. Even if it is only at the daily meeting in the office. When you buy adhesive cream for dentures from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you avoid all these annoying and unpleasant situations.

Adhesive cream for dentures make it easier to wear

Because adhesive cream for your prosthesis ensures a natural connection between tissue and prosthesis: the saliva that is located there adheres on both sides, and the adhesive cream significantly reinforces this effect. This automatically gives your dentures a better hold, because the adhesive strength of the cream is much higher than that of saliva. Nevertheless, the suction remains natural. All adhesive creams that you can purchase from us in our online shop are soluble in water and of course completely non-toxic. You can read details about the products by clicking on the corresponding article image. By the way, you shouldn't use adhesive cream if your prosthesis is badly fitted or if you have sores in your mouth. You can also buy accessories for the care of your dentures at Kanela.