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Everyone knows the feeling - fatigue, fatigue, body aches. In addition, the head roars, throat and throat are sore and scratchy, the cough roars at all times of the day and at night nose is already completely attacked by blowing its nose. A severe cold caught us, maybe even a flu infection. If there is now a feeling of cold or even a slight chills, then it is clear that fever is on its way. After freezing, it usually takes a few hours, we suddenly feel hot and we know that the fever is there. It is best to buy a fever knife right here in your Swiss online drugstore Kanela .

First of all, fever is not a bad thing. It is a kind of home remedy that our bodies use in the fight against viruses and bacteria to checkmate them as quickly as possible. And at temperatures up to 39 degrees, fever is also nothing to worry about. Only when the limit is exceeded, possibly heading for 40 degrees and possibly for several days, then it is time to react.

Order a clinical thermometer to be able to take countermeasures in time

A fever knife tells you when this time has come - you shouldn't with high temperatures handle carefree. Aside from that, however, you should go to the doctor regardless of the temperature if you feel you need medication. And what applies to adults, of course applies even more so to children - in case of doubt and in the case of long-lasting, high temperatures (by the way, modern fever meters are absolutely reliable), it is better to see a doctor.