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A toothbrush for dentures is an indispensable tool for cleaning your third teeth, i.e. the dentures, comprehensively and thoroughly. As with your own teeth, daily cleaning of the denture is an absolute must, there is no getting around it. Because, of course, food residues also accumulate in dentures, which can quickly cause unpleasant odors. So hygiene and cleanliness are just as important for “third parties” as they are for natural teeth. However, many prosthesis wearers are satisfied with a normal toothbrush - but that is precisely not enough to clean the denture the way it should be. If, on the other hand, you buy toothbrushes for dentures from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, then you and your third teeth are perfectly equipped.

Toothbrushes for dentures are more useful than conventional brushes

Because the normal toothbrush has bristles that are far too short to properly clean all areas of the artificial dentition. And cleaning the prosthesis with a tablet does not always reliably remove food residues. This can then quickly lead to germs forming on the dentures, which in turn can lead to mouth infections and bad breath. The remaining natural teeth are also attacked. With a brush specially developed for dentures, however, you are on the safe side. The firm and mostly longer bristles have an inclined arrangement, which helps to penetrate into the more remote corners of the prosthesis. When making your selection, pay attention to the details of the brushes and learn more about the articles by clicking on the corresponding product image.