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Order soft drinks from Kanela

If you are thirsty, just turn on the tap at home or at work and hold a glass underneath - done. And if that's not enough, you can buy a sweet soda or a pre-mixed apple spritzer at every corner. But while one is simply boring for many people and the other contains far too much sugar, we have a real alternative for you in our range. If you order soft drinks from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will receive exclusive thirst quenchers from Vitamin Well . They are not only extremely tasty and significantly healthier than the usual industrial shower, they also contain a lot less sugar and are therefore very trendy.

Buy soft drinks from Kanela and conquer thirst differently

The selection of soft drinks that taste good on the one hand and are healthy on the other hand and do not contain a lot of sugar is not particularly large in Switzerland. It is all the more natural for Kanela to give such drinks a place in the range. Our drinks are available in many different flavors, of course they are best enjoyed well chilled. Especially during work and during and after sport you need a refreshing drink that not only refills your liquid tank, but also tastes like something and provides you with the necessary vitamins . All drinks also contain plant and fruit extracts as well as minerals. Because the drinks do not contain carbon dioxide, larger amounts can be easily drunk after exercising. It is best to combine a healthy soft drink with fresh fruit and vegetables. But also "just like that" the drinks are really tasty and beneficial.