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Cakes, cookies, cookies, waffles, Christmas cookies, donuts or muffins - we can do all of this in the kitchen ourselves. If we have the right ingredients, of course. And what was out of fashion for a long time, because it was too time-consuming and because the end product can be bought on every corner anyway, is now popular again: baking bread yourself. For many people, it is important to be able to control which ingredients are used in the manufacture, others are simply happy to be able to produce basic foods themselves, and still others see cooking and baking as relaxing after-work or weekend work. When you buy ingredients for cooking and baking, you only get the best ingredients.

Great products for baking and cooking

Dishes made from dough often contain gluten. If you use flour from our range, then make sure that it does not contain gluten. Whether universal flour, dark flour, bread flour, cake flour or breadcrumbs, every grain powder is gluten-free, which makes the desired end product completely compatible. At the beginning we only mentioned sweet pasta, but of course you can also prepare savory pastries, for example a quiche. You can refine the dough for this or for other dishes with one or more of the spices from our range. Note, however, that dough you want to use for desserts always needs a pinch of salt. Good luck with baking and cooking! You will also find two attractive gift sets in the range.