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Babies need loads when they are born. Food (in the best case breast milk), a lot of time and affection, constantly fresh diapers and of course a lot of care. If you would like to order baby care products, you can do so right here in our shop - at Kanela you will find everything you and your baby need. You can also stock up on a small amount if you like, because your baby will use up quite a bit of baby care products. And that's a good thing, as it shows healthy development. Browse through our range and order to your heart's content. For example, you will find a large selection of diapers for every weight of your baby or toddler, various creams, powders and care milk, as well as ointments, drinking bottles, lotions, wet wipes, baby bath additives, baby shampoo or washing gel. Do not hesitate - get it! Your baby will thank you in their own way.

Buy baby care items and be fully equipped

With the products from our range, you and your baby are well equipped for your home, you and your little darling will definitely want for nothing. Less is more does not apply in this case. Washing and bathing once a week is sufficient, especially at the beginning. If your baby tends to have dry skin, apply cream to the relevant areas regularly. It is also important to clean the bottom and genital area properly so that the urea from the diaper does not attack the skin. Pure, lukewarm water and a washcloth are sufficient for this.