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Pregnancy causes the female body to change greatly. No, this does not only mean the outwardly visible, which is obvious to everyone, namely the growing baby bump. There is much more going on, and women who are expecting a child for the first time notice these changes gradually at first and then more and more rapidly. It is hard to avoid that the skin is strained and dries out - on the bottom, on the thighs, on the belly or on the breast. You can counteract this with pregnancy care oil. You can also use breastfeeding oil before the baby arrives; it promotes blood flow to the breast and has a relaxing effect. When you buy pregnancy care products at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you are well prepared for your new existence as a mum.

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For example, the perineal massage oil is recommended for preparation for the birth. You can also counteract stretch marks and stretch marks with the care products that we have in stock for you in our online shop. Of course, this will also prevent scars that can occur if the stretch marks are left untreated. To prevent the development of stretch marks, the use of striae cream is recommended. Purelan, on the other hand, will protect your nipples while you are breastfeeding, but you can start using it in the last few weeks of your pregnancy. obIf you also have problems with dry skin in other parts of your body, you can use Purelan there too without any worries.