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Proper personal hygiene also includes a pleasant aroma. That's why we don't just wash with water, we use soap, shower gel and more. But sometimes, for example on hot days or when everyday life is very stressful, we sweat quickly and the pleasant smells of the products used are quickly gone. Some parts of the body start smelling faster than others, but you can counteract this. For example with a great and long-lasting deodorant from our range. If you order fragrances from Kanela, you can be sure that you will only get really skin-friendly deodorants from us. But the articles on these pages are not only designed to prevent the smell of sweat - no, you can also get great perfumes for men and women here.

Buy fragrances and feel good

With the right perfume, you simply feel good on special evenings. You can get women's and men's fragrances from the best-known and finest manufacturers - for example from Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Joop, Paco Rabanne, Calvin Klein, Chloé, James Bond 007, Chanel, Jil Sander or Jean-Paul Gaultier. The range also includes Lacoste, Davidoff, Escada, Louis Widmer and Marc Jacobs. You can also trust the most renowned manufacturers when it comes to deodorant. For example, we carry Garnier, Rexona, Vichy, Ax, Lavilin, Borotalco, Nivea, Dr. Hauschka, Biokosma, UrDeo and Perspirx in the range. Every deodorant, every perfume has its very own and distinctive aroma, with which you underline your character. To get details about the fragrance, just click on the desired item.