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If the apartment or parts of the apartment are not properly cleaned, then there is often no feeling of homeliness when you are in your own four walls. Perhaps it is superficially not dirty at all, but you know in the back of your mind that the bathroom needs to be cleaned or the kitchen needs to be cleaned. Sometimes an uncleaned floor or a lightly soiled living room table is enough to trigger a kind of malaise. Fortunately, for all of these - and many more - there are cleaning products that you can use to ensure sparkling cleanliness in just a few minutes. When you buy cleaning products from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you can choose from a huge range. So that you don't have to click through all the pages, we recommend arranging the articles by category.

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You can make these settings on the left side, we have divided our products into the categories bathroom and toilet, kitchen, floor cleaning, glass and window cleaning, all-purpose cleaners, washing and cleaning cloths. If you click on the small plus symbol behind the category name, a menu opens and you can see which sub-categories are hidden behind it. This allows you to narrow down the search for the cleaning product you want very precisely. If you are looking for cleaning products of a certain brand, you can also narrow your search. You only want to see products from, for example, Sonett? Then use the filter function, which is located below the categories on the left. Click the arrow and select your preferred brand from the drop-down menu.