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Personal care: the be-all and end-all of well-being

Personal hygiene is not a privilege, but should be the most normal thing in the world. We are not only talking about the daily shower or brushing your teeth twice a day - we are talking about the proverbial care of the body with outstanding and tested products that contribute immensely to your well-being. Search and find the items you want in eight different subcategories. In the hair area, Kanela offers excellent shampoos on a natural basis to strengthen your hair, and there are also remedies for hair loss and lice. But hands and feet also need to be cared for, and you can achieve this with soaps, creams and various nail care items such as anti-fungal solutions, files and much more. Take a leisurely look around these categories.

Personal care affects all areas

Because the care of your own body cannot be overestimated, here at Kanela you will of course also find products related to facial care (such as balm, masks, peeling, facial tissues, shaving & aftershave and more), items from the bathroom area such as shower products and bath products - but also products related to love life, such as condoms, lubricants or sex toys. In the Intimate Care category you will find menstrual cups and mugs as well as sanitary napkins, panty liners and tampons. To care for and protect your skin, use our body lotions and deodorants. Sun creams and insect protection as well as after sun for adults and children complete the range. Don't take personal care lightly, but enjoy it with high-quality products from our Swiss online drugstore..