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Then you've come to the right place. From a purchase value of CHF 100.00 in our Swiss online drugstore, you get free shipping from our warehouse in Lucerne. And best of all, you can pay conveniently by invoice. Health is our highest priority, so we offer a telephone consultation to help you choose the right products. We also guarantee fast delivery, so you will receive your orders as soon as possible. Order products from the category cycle control today and let us convince you! As a small thank-you for your loyalty, we will also reward you with our bonus system.

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Whether you want to use contraception or want to fulfill a heartfelt desire for children: cycle control is a very suitable method for both projects. It is only important that you buy really reliable articles for cycle control - and you can get exactly these products from us. When you buy cycle control products from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you have excellent basal thermometers and cycle computers at home. In addition to these devices, we recommend that you order the ovulation tests that are also available from us. With this you can determine your fertile days very precisely and know when the time has come for the natural attempt at conception. The result of such a test is not long in coming, you will have the result after five minutes.

Check the cycle with sensitive instruments

When ovulation occurs in the female body, the temperature rises by about 0.2 degrees, sometimes more. If you use a commercially available thermometer with only decimal places, doubts can remain when measuring the temperature. Imagine that you are shown 36.9 degrees, previously it was 36.7 degrees - at first glance this is of course 0.2 degrees more. But if you can use two decimal places and find that the value has increased from 36.78 to 36.91 degrees, then the increase is only 0.13 degrees. So ovulation did not occur. With the cycle control products from our range, you can avoid such annoying inaccuracies and concentrate on the essentials.