baby follow-on milk

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Follow-on milk is usually fed from the 6th month of life

The baby becomes livelier and more active with increasing age, at the latest from the sixth month of life, and needs additional nutrients and energy. As a result, at some point the baby will no longer be really full from the pre food or pre milk. This deficit can be compensated for with follow-on milk, which is richer in nutrients and calories than the first milk. The follow-on milk often also contains glucose and a higher iron content and thus also promotes the development of the child. Follow-on milk, which has a thicker consistency, is generally given for the first time when the baby is ready for complementary feeding.

Follow-on milk - spoiled for choice

The choice of different follow-on milk products is innumerable and making the right choice seems all the more difficult. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you and that's why we offer the best follow-on milk in our online drugstore that you and your baby can trust. In any case, it is important when preparing that the instructions for use are observed. The exact amount of water and powder is given there. Also ask your pediatrician about the optimal amount and use of follow-on milk. In general, follow-up milk should always be freshly prepared and the unused milk thrown away.