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Anticolic remedy and its properties

Colic is defined as an infant's frequent, recurring and often intense crying, which usually lasts for several hours. It is an enigmatic condition in which the baby experiences severe abdominal pain, the cause of which is not always known. Luckily, there are ways to calm a colicky baby, such as: B. Repetitive movements such as rocking or cradling, vacuum cleaning or steady rhythmic outside noises, car rides with the baby and white noise. It can be difficult to do all of these things for weeks, but if it helps your child, it's worth it. There are also certain foods that have properties that may help relieve colic - formula milk and anti-gas drops are popular solutions that provide relief for infants with colicky pain. It is important to ensure that the treatment chosen conforms to general safety guidelines. Therefore, consult your doctor before trying any medication or alternative remedies to treat colic.