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The vernacular knows: Wherever there is planing, there are shavings. Sometimes, however, there is no need to plan at all; the simplest household chores are often enough to cause a minor injury. A moment of inattention when handling the scissors or opening a can of corn. A cut on the edge of a piece of paper. But not only in the household can small wounds occur, even when doing sport we are not immune to "burning" ourselves, that is, to graze the skin. These are of course not really bad things, but you will still need some utensils to take care of the wounds. If you order plasters and gauze compresses from your Swiss online drugstore Kanela, then you are literally on the safe side in this regard.

Well-known manufacturers of plasters and compresses are, for example, Hansaplast and DermaPlast. In the online shop you will find articles from exactly these producers. With the gauze compresses you can first of all clean and dab the resulting wound a little, and compresses are also ideal to cover the wound when you need a bandage.

Buy plasters and gauze compresses for perfect wound healing

It's no secret that small cuts and wounds heal best when left uncovered. However, plasters are important - otherwise clothes are often ruined if the wound does break open again. If you have children, you should make sure that you have child-friendly patches in the house. Plasters with a colorful motif ensure that the little ones bravely put away even more painful scratches.