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Buy chocolate from Kanela

You don't have to be a sweet tooth to enjoy a piece of delicious chocolate from time to time. But everyone knows the phenomenon that often chocolate is not confined to just one or two corners, especially not when the sweet tastes as excellent as the varieties in our range. If you buy chocolate from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will have exactly this sweet problem and will not be able to stop snacking so quickly! The brands you find here alone stand for enjoyment of the highest quality - whether Ovomaltine or Aeschbach Chocolatier, with us you will only find the best Swiss chocolate that you can consciously enjoy.

Order chocolate and lick the best ingredients

One thing is already clear to us - namely that we make it difficult for you to make a selection with our extensive range. Everyone knows Ovomaltine, and this variety convinces with taste and tradition. But if you click through the range of different varieties of Aeschbach Chocolatier, you will probably have to make a selection. Should it be pralines, would you prefer brittle, do you like white chocolate or something fruity and if so, which fruit would you like? Do you like nuts in chocolate or are you more into nougat? Take a look at the varieties and then decide. And remember, of course, that you also have to decide for the rest of the family. Because the great varieties from our range get even better if you share them with your loved ones.