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The genital area is acidic. Of course, this only relates to the pH value, and that is also correct. I have to protect the female genital area from infections myself - pathogens and bacteria do not thrive if the pH is between 3.8 and 4.4. And that is exactly the case with people in the genital area. In this way, the vagina protects itself. Lactic acid bacteria, the so-called lactobacilli, exist in a healthy female genital area. They are important because they largely keep other bacterial strains at bay and prevent dangerous germs from multiplying. When it comes to intimate washing, it is important that the pH does not change. If you order articles for the intimate wash from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, then you take care of the genital area ideally and at the same time ensure that the pH remains acidic.

Products for effective intimate hygiene

So that the pH value in the genital area does not become too basic, it is of course not an option not to wash there - on the contrary. However, you need the right products for this, and you can find them in our online shop. We therefore have a wide range of products in our range for perfect intimate hygiene. Products that are perfectly adjusted to the pH value in the intimate area. Because shower gel, for example, unnecessarily attacks the skin in the genital area, the pH value is aimed at our "normal" skin on other parts of the body. You can use the products in our offer without hesitation. For more information on the individual products, simply click on the corresponding picture.