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There are always wounds. And as long as these remain manageable, you don't have to go to the hospital or the doctor. No, with the right Kanela products, you are just as good at home wound care. Here in the shop you will find all imaginable products with which you can professionally treat the wound so that no complications arise. You can order the relevant items in the various categories - wound disinfection, plasters & gauze compresses, blisters and corns & warts. In the disinfectant department you can choose between different products, such as wound gels for application. If you find this uncomfortable, you have the option of ordering the disinfectant spray, which is also an aqueous solution for disinfecting.

Wound care is not only necessary after accidents

When it comes to wound care, we probably think primarily of grazed kneecaps after a sports accident or similar injuries. It is often advisable not to cover the wounds; they often heal better in the air. However, that does not always work, and then the plasters and gauze pads from the Kanela shop will help you. But wounds are not only created this way. Blisters, for example, that can appear on the feet at any time are also very uncomfortable. New shoes are an example - but overloading can also cause blisters. You can combat the unpleasant consequences with the appropriate blister plasters. For corns and warts, order a pen, solution or ointment to apply as desired or required. Trust the tested products from Kanela for wound care and order today!