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The term make-up is almost exclusively associated with femininity in our culture. In some ancient cultures men also used make-up and lipstick, if one can believe the traditions. And it is still true today that make-up should be used by people of any gender - whoever wants it. But first and foremost, of course, it is women who buy and use makeup. This often starts in puberty, when the desire to beautify or highlight or accentuate the lips, eyelids, cheeks or facial features in general begins. When you buy make-up at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you will find products from all over the world of make-up.

Make-up for the eyes, lips, skin and nails

The great thing about makeup is that it lets you highlight natural beauty. In addition, make-up can be put on anew every day and the look can be individually designed on a daily basis. You have the free choice whether you prefer the subtle, inconspicuous look or whether you like to apply thick in the truest sense of the word. Would you like it to be a little more natural and a little more sensational? You do not only make this dependent on the type, but also on your mood and the daily form! When you buy make-up from us, you can click directly on the desired category in the menu on the left. In our range we have make-up for the eyes, for the skin, for the lips (lipstick) and nail polishes.