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Buy menstrual cups and mugs at Kanela

A menstrual cup is a small cup. This mostly consists of silicone. Like a tampon, you insert a menstrual cup into the vagina during your period (but for a maximum of eight hours at a time). The capacity depends on the size of the cup, but usually more than 30 milliliters fit inside. Especially if you are menstruating heavily, a model with a large capacity is recommended. You then simply dispose of the blood in the toilet and clean the cup so that it remains ready for use. It is essential to boil the menstrual cups between your periods. Microwave sterilization is also okay. When you buy menstrual cups and mugs at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, we deliver top quality.

Menstrual cups and mugs make the rule more bearable

You will be able to handle menstrual cups and mugs in the shortest possible time if you want to change, just like millions of women before. A little practice is enough. The cup, which is invisible from the outside, creates a negative pressure inside the body, which prevents blood from leaking out. Due to this effect, no water gets into the body when swimming in summer. Another positive effect is sustainability, because menstrual cups and mugs can be used for up to ten years. During this time, however, up to 2,000 tampons and pads are used and disposed of by a woman. And the bottom line is, of course, that you save a lot of money. Nine out of ten women who have tried a menstrual cup have stayed with it.