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Buy nitrile gloves from Kanela

Some urgently needed accessories from the hygiene sector have the disadvantage that they cause allergic reactions or at least irritation in those who need them. However, this is not the case with the nitrile gloves that you will find in our range. These disposable gloves not only allow a good sense of touch, they are also resistant to grease, oil and thus chemicals. Because the nitrile gloves from our range are completely free of latex, they are also no problem for allergy sufferers. Another advantage is the enormous flexibility of these gloves, which are very elastic, but always tear-proof and puncture-proof. When you buy nitrile gloves from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you are not only avoiding irritation to the skin.

Nitrile gloves are also suitable for sensitive skin

Often people are unaware of a latex allergy or intolerance and are surprised if they develop a rash or something similar after using such gloves. Then it is worthwhile to switch directly to nitrile. If you already know that latex cannot be tolerated, then the best thing to do is to stock up on a good supply of nitrile gloves. In addition to their skin-friendliness and flexibility, these gloves convince in that they allow a good sense of touch and give the fingertips a lot of sensitivity. In addition, these nitrile gloves are also quite durable because there is virtually no abrasion during use. These gloves are not only suitable for medicine or care, but also for contact with food, in the tattoo studio and of course for use at home.