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Order kitchen cleaners from Kanela

You don't necessarily have to work as a professional in the kitchen of a restaurant to know that the kitchen can become very dirty when used. Where cooking, roasting and mashed, stains do not stay out - on the work surface, on the stove, on the table. Of course, the same goes for those cooks who cook because they have to, namely at home. Or passionate chefs who like to conjure up something special on the dining table in their own four walls. How to turn it: the kitchen gets dirty. And at the latest after eating, you should also clean them again - in the sense of the next use. If you order kitchen cleaners from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, cleaning the kitchen is not child's play, but it is quite easy.

Buy kitchen cleaners and get all work surfaces in the kitchen sparkling clean

Admittedly, you don't always feel like cleaning the kitchen after a wonderful meal. If you use the products from our range, it is no longer tragic - even the most violent stains will go away many hours after they are created. The all-purpose cleaners, descalers, special kitchen cleaners and creams remove greasy stains just as reliably as burned-in products. This is how you can get the glass ceramic or wooden surfaces clean again. Chrome steel can also be effortlessly cleaned. By the way, some of our preparations are not only suitable for cleaning in the kitchen - no, you can also use these items for the bathroom with a clear conscience. Wherever there is heavy soiling, our kitchen cleaners will help you safely and quickly.