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Then you've come to the right place. From a purchase value of CHF 100.00 in our Swiss online drugstore, you get free shipping from our warehouse in Lucerne. And best of all, you can pay conveniently by invoice. Health is our highest priority, so we offer a telephone consultation to help you choose the right products. We also guarantee fast delivery, so you will receive your orders as soon as possible. Order products from the category stain remover today and let us convince you! As a small thank-you for your loyalty, we will also reward you with our bonus system.

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You are probably familiar with this situation too: You sully yourself when you wear a freshly laundered item of clothing, including one that you have just bought and are now delighted to put on for the first time. And then - the jam drips from the bread onto your pants. Or you accidentally dab your new white T-shirt when you help the children to draw with felt-tip pens. Lawn, grease, oil, red wine, blood, coffee, tea and fruit can also leave unmistakable stains. Now the anger is great and so is the despair. Couldn't you have been more careful? Or at least wear clothes that are not freshly bought or washed? But don't worry, there are ways you can deal with these stains. When you buy stain removers from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you can get rid of the dirt in various ways.

You can completely get rid of the dirt with a stain remover

Why in various ways? Well, not all stain removers are created equal. Most products take a different approach to how the stains can be removed. For example, you will find stain removers with a bleach complex for white laundry, gall soap, stain spray for sensitive clothing, stain remover and stain pens for immediate treatment on the go if you don't have any spare clothes with you. You will also find various stain devils, each of which helps with certain types of soiling: with blood, with grease and sauces, with do-it-yourself stains, with beverages and fruit, with deodorant and rust, with oils and lubricants, with pens and ink as well as with cosmetics and natural products Dirt. For details just click on the corresponding picture.