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Buy bathroom & toilet products from Kanela

May the children's room or the bedroom be untidy, the basement may have looked a bit unsorted for weeks, the living room hasn't seen a vacuum cleaner for days and even the kitchen looks a bit chaotic - there is a place in the apartment or house that qua function should actually always be clean. We are of course talking about the bathroom or toilet (in many apartments the only toilet is in the bathroom). We are not talking about superficial cleanliness, no, the bathroom and toilet should always be kept as sterile as possible. When you buy bathroom & toilet products at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you don't just keep the coarse dirt out of these rooms.

Cleanliness in the bathroom and toilet is essential

No, with our cleaners, polishing cloths, gels, creams, toilet ducks, toilet cleaners, sprays (including for glass surfaces and ceramics), decalcifying agents, shower pistols, scouring powders and scouring milk, you have a wide range of items at your disposal which you can always keep your bathroom and toilet clean without much effort. Our range leaves nothing to be desired so that you can keep your bathroom and toilet as free of germs as possible. Whether floor, sink, bathtub, toilet, mirror or bathroom cabinet: you will find the right cleaning agents with us. For some of the items on these pages you can simply order refill packs from us in order to protect the environment through less waste. Click through the range. For details about a product just click on the photo.