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Magnesium Biomed Uno (40 pcs)

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We humans need magnesium. As a rule, we manage to ingest the required amount of magnesium through regular food. Sometimes, however, there may also be a magnesium deficiency, for example on a diet, through competitive sports, during pregnancy or with certain illnesses or an addiction (alcohol dependence, for example). In addition, adolescents in particular need a lot of magnesium - and people who are older. The human organism is unable to produce magnesium itself, so we have to get it. If that's not all about nutrition, you can order magnesium from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy. Either effervescent tablets, capsules, granules or tablets: In our range you have the choice between several preparations.

Buy magnesium and dose it correctly

Adults need up to 400 milligrams of magnesium a day. If we overdose here from time to time, it is not particularly important. However, you should be more careful with infants and smaller children up to seven years of age, after all, magnesium is a metal. Babies need only 24 milligrams a day in the first four months and only 60 milligrams afterwards until their first birthday. Children up to four tolerate 80 milligrams and kids up to seven 120 milligrams. The body not only signals us when there is a magnesium deficiency: tension, depression, lack of concentration and weariness are the immediate consequences. But if we take too much magnesium, then diarrhea is possible, as is tiredness, muscle weakness, nausea, low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia or a disorder of the bladder function. So be careful and dose correctly - with the valuable magnesium from our range.